Year End, New Year

3 January 2021

Another lockdown - time to take stock. 

In our short history there are a couple of things we did well enough so that .....

Our website has had 2.2 million page views in the last 90 days. We have had had over 300,000 unique visitors in the same period.
We now work with 250 small and dynamic businesses. 
During the year to date those businesses have turned over in excess of €4 million. During November and December alone that total was €2 million. (There was definitely an end of year surge.)

Now that I think of it, that is €2 million euro that stayed in local economies. That is one of our early objectives achieved or at least partially. 

The platform has processed 120,000 orders to date. We have 17,500 products listed on our site. 

We are also well happy to be working with some great businesses in Scotland, England and the US. 

Most importantly we have been able to work with some great people, whose chats have given us hope, encouragement and inspiration during this challenging time. 

We have also got things wrong. Many things to learn, as always! You don't know, what you don't know. Right?

So what now for 2021 .......who the ***k can predict but we should be optimistic over the next number of months that life should return to something more akin to what went before. 

Join hundreds of other bricks and mortar businesses who are now selling online and providing collections, deliveries and table service to their customers through our software.